Tom Felton

Tom Felton (Draco Lucius Malfoy) is our "Artist of the Week".  Tom is a "Freshmaneer", he owns a Freshman ukulele and is a wizard on it ! He plays a mean guitar too.  Tom's new song "hOLDing On" is out now, give it a listen. The man's a poet !

A talented chap who works tirelessly for charities and if you follow him on his Instagram, you'll see the joy he brings to a lot of people.  

We love Tom

Ukulele Kids Club

Ukulele Kids Club

Tom's a supporter of the Ukulele Kids Club, an international charity which around the world to overcome the stress, anxiety and health challenges of serious health conditions.

Helping hospitalized kids to just be kids

Tom owns/plays a Freshman UKLCEDARC ukulele from our Lono Series (Click Here) and is rather superb, posting videos daily, in between location shoots and his tireless charity work.

Our new Freshman Guitars Playlist on Spotify, to help Freshman owners (Freshmaneers) out there who are making great music - just our way to say thank you to them for their loyal support & custom, to show we'll support them as best we can, showcasing their music.

Click image & give them a listen

Freshman Guitars Playlist new.jpg

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