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Artist Friends



Just some of the fine Artists who have used our instruments for recording, performing, on tour etc over the 20 years Freshman Guitars have been in business.

Just some of our friends from over the years who have owned (and still do) and/or have played our instruments.​

John Themis - Songwriter and Session Guitarist: 

Kylie Minogue, Elton John, Craig David, Lemar, George Michael, and continue into Rod Stewart, Gabrielle, Will Young, The Spice Girls, Dido, Boyzone, Tori Amos, Cher, Bryan Ferry, Dolly Parton, Malcolm McLaren and Yusuf/Cat Stevens)


John on his on his Freshman Guitars (FA400D & FA500JCE)

"Records great, plays great.....wonderful instruments, great value for money..." 

Ricky Ross - Deacon Blue

"Really like the sound of these guitars......we play a lot of acoustics live and out on tour. We're really looking forward to playing these Freshman's. I also have a 12 string Freshman, which I use in the house and in the studio and it sounds great."

Sandi Thom

" I just want to say to all you budding guitarists out there, that I have two actually. In all honesty, they are the best acoustic guitars I've ever had. They never go out of tune, they are amazing...beautiful..."

Ian McCulloch - Echo & The Bunnymen

" They're great guitars.....crisp.....just the way I like them. and they look beautiful as well"

Tommy Emmanuele

"Great guitars with a brilliant tone..." 

Wet Wet Wet

"Excellent all round guitars for our acoustic sets..."