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Freshman News

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The Freshman Sessions

15th March, 2021


Our sessions are popular too. Where we try and support musicians out there, in these surreal times. Hopefully, we hope to have our Live/Open mic Sessions up and running in April...

Click Here for some great music 

Interview Section

14th March, 2021

Our new Interview section proving to be popular....

We'll feature Artists, Bands & Instrumentalists who perform/record with our instruments

Click Here 

Personalised Gifts

11th March, 2021


New batch of Personalised Ukuleles, Wooden Guitar Stands & Drumsticks/Cases go out to customers, for their loved ones special occasion. Check out our Accessories Store to see what other products can be laser engraved (personalised)

Freshman new guitar models soon.JPG
12 New Guitar Models !

December 25th, 2020


Merry Christmas folks. We are very excited here at Freshman. We have 12 new guitar models coming in within the next week !! Yes.....12 !  From 12 Stringers to Left Handers to a gorgeous looking array of'll just have to hang in there to see what's coming....more news soon ! 


Keep an eye on our Guitar Store and Socials for updates.

Freshman Guitars
Guitar Starter Bundle launched

12 December, 2020 seen us launching our Guitar Starter Bundle. Includes either our Freshman Chicago CH1JNRBK Acoustic (black) or our Freshman CH1JNRRD Chicago (red), both complete with a Gig Bag, a double leather ended canvas type Strap and a Tuner. An excellent Beginner bundle. Guitar's are easy to play, sound great and are professionally set up by our Tech Team before being shipped out. 

Freshman Guitars Personalised Ukulele
Our 100th Personalised Ukulele

Our "personalised" ukulele's are proving to be popular, as the 100th leaves our office to be shipped out to a new customer. Wonderful keep sake Christmas / Birthday present, offering that uniqueness to Uke players...


Click image to visit our Ukulele Store 

Freshman Guitars Personalised Gifts
Personalised Gifts launch

Late November seen us launch our Personalised Gift product ranges, from Wooden Pick Cases & Picks, to Solid Maple Guitars/Uke Stand to Personalised Ukuleles and Drumstick Cases & Sticks, which is perfect timing for Christmas, as orders are coming in more and more.

The Freshman Sessions banner.png
The Freshman Sessions ...

Our newly launched "The Freshman Sessions" gets off to a flying start, featuring fantastic Singer-Songwriters, Bands...etc


We hope to continually develop this and set up a Streaming Channel for artists to perform through.


Keep send in your videos too !  We may feature it..!

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