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Artist Spotlight

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Alan Wormald​

This month's feature is with Shakatak guitarist Alan Wormald. Alan has been with Shakatak for 25 years and also has a solo album out, with his own material.  We caught up with Alan to find out more about his music journey and his new album "One Perfect Song".​


You can hear more of Alan's solo/band material here

Q: How did you first become involved in music ? 

"I started playing guitar at 14 yrs listening to records and playing along."


Q: What instrument/s did you learn first and did the Songwriting/Singing come later ? 

"Guitar was always my only instrument. Started writing in 1976".

Q: Did you first perform solo then progress into joining bands and performing that way ? 

"The last year at school I formed a 4 piece band. We worked together for 5 years".

Q: Who inspired/influenced you initially, musically and who’s music inspires you now ? 

"The Beatles and other bands. Later on Clapton, Hendrix, later on still Joe Pass,Scott Henderson, Allan Holdsworth was my biggest influence. The man was a true innovator".  

Q: Who have you worked/written with that have completely surprised you ?

"​Freddie Starr !" 

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alan wormald live photo.jpg

Q: Top 3 best/favourite gigs you have played  ?

"Royal Variety 1989 Freddie Starr, London Palladium 2015 Joe Longthorne, any one of our many trips to Japan with Shakatak".


Q: Do you write on your own, with the guitar with anyone else ? 

"On my own". 


Q: What is your songwriting process ? 

"Usually start with melody/chords then lyrics".

Q: Why choose the Freshman brand/guitar to help you convey your music/songs ? 

"Why Not - Sean has been very helpful."

Q: How/when did you first hear about Freshman Guitars and what model/s do you have  (model name/number) – what is it about Freshman guitar/s you own that you like ?

"I saw a Freshman in my local shop and really liked it. I have a FA1ANPRE. I love the feel of it. Really well made".  

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Q: What have you been working on and who with and any plans for the coming year ​?

​""During Lockdown I was involved In the making of a Rock/Blues album with Snake Davis(sax), Adam Linsley (trumpet), Shelley James and Fiona Ford (vocs), Paul Smith(drums) and Simon Goulding (bass). The songs were all written by myself and we named the album “Pesky Chops" ‘the music never stopped ‘. Available to listen to or even buy at "

Q:  Tough year for performing musicians – How have you coped, and what gets you through, what’s planned for the future ? 

"Managed to record two albums in Lockdown. My own solo album and pesky chops. Alcohol also helped. I love a pint of real ale. Hoping that we can all get back to fully enjoying music once again. I have my own band who play for fun so hopefully we will be out gigging soon".

Freshman Guitars & Ukuleles wish Alan continued success with his album & career

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