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Freshman Featured Artist/Band

The place where we feature Singer-Songwriters, Bands & Instrumentalists who record and/or perform with our instruments.

Hudson Taylor


Hudson Taylor are a hugely talented Folk Rock duo from Dublin.


Their debut album reached No 3 in the Irish charts and No24 in the UK. They have played a sold out US tour alongside Hozier and have supported The Rolling Stones at Hyde park. 


They started their career busking on the streets in the towns and cities of Ireland, which was the inspiration for the name of their first album "Singing for Strangers". 


Having already owned a Freshman guitar for a number of years, they approached us in 2013, when they were just starting to record their first EP.


As Freshman Guitars have a rich history of supporting up and coming musicians, we immediately recognised their huge talent and agreed to endorse both musicians, by supplying them with Freshman guitars and supporting their career.

hudson taylor band.png

Within two years, Hudson Taylor were signed to major label Polydor (part of Universal) and toured Europe, with the help of their extensive (over ten) Freshman guitar collection.

The main guitars they use, as seen in the video of their hit song "Chasing Rubies" are the FA500D and the FA400DCE, which have evolved into our new FALTDENGDC model.


The bright tone of the Engelmann spruce top is really suited to the Folk-Rock strumming patterns of their music.

CLICK HERE to check out the FALTDENGDC


Back in the day when they visited Freshman Guitars HQ and performed a stunningly impromptu song with some of our guitars.

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