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Welcome to the new website

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Welcome to our new E-commerce website, which features our existing and new Guitars, Ukuleles and Accessories. We also introduced new Personalised Accessories & Ukuleles (products coming online gradually), with laser engraved inscriptions, for the special musician in your life or perhaps as a treat for your muso self. (see our Accessories page).

Another new feature is "The Freshman Sessions", where we try and help musicians, artists/bands out there who are struggling during this surreal era we now live in. We feature them in our video player on The Freshman Sessions page and also on our Social Media, with an "Artist/Band of the Week" now in full swing on the website.

Keep an eye open for new Blog posts, as we will also do little Blog features on the musicians/bands/artists out there who use Freshman guitars or ukuleles to create / perform their music.

Lastly, we will have new guitars coming in soon, in the next week or two. Keep an eye on the site - Subscribe if you wish and you'll get the new info direct into your inbox.

Only a month until Christmas, we hope you keep safe, healthy and wish our products bring you as much joy and pleasure as they do us, and be sure to check out our Ex-Demo page, grab a bargain while you can !

Many thanks

Freshman Guitars Sales & Marketing

Our new Heart Ukulele...

Our new Flower Ukulele...

FA1ANPRE coming in soon...!

Stunning MAPOC coming soon too....!!

...more coming soon...!


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