UKBANJO Tenor Banjolele

UKBANJO Tenor Banjolele

SKU: 5060237893245

Freshman UKBANJO Banjolele combines the construction of a banjo with the small form of a ukulele. Popular among folk, bluegrass and jazz musicians, banjoleles are tuned and played like a conventional ukulele but deliver much more volume. Rarely seen at this price, the UKBANJO is an excellent example of an instrument with eclectic heritage.


The UKBANJO comes with a free gig bag.




Colour: Natural

Top: Remo Coated Head

Back & sides: Mahogany

Fingerboard: Walnut

Machineheads: Geared with White Buttons

Strings: Aquila



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Freshman Guitars design award-winning acoustic musical instruments in Scotland. All of our Ukuleles and Guitars are fully inspected here and professionally set up before being shipped out.



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    "Value for money 9.5/10 "

    "Great volume & sustainability"

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