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"The Sunburst Trio​"


Freshman Guitars

They say the best things come in threes. We think so, with a new dawn just around the corner and spring on its way.


Whatever your stage, "Be Inspired" musically with this Sunburst Trio from our 20th Anniversary Series, each with their own character and appeal, producing tonal qualities that surpass their price point.


The FA1ATSBPRE & the FA1FTSBPRE are the perfect classic combination of spruce and mahogany, with all round tone from the bass end through to the strong mids and crystal clear trebles, bringing you to a plateau of almost tonal perfection.

Big thanks to Scott at The Shack and Derek at Craigholm Garage for access to the stunning cars.

The FALTDLAMSOSB Om Body Cutaway Electro Acoustic with exotic zebra back and sides produces that perfect tonal  accompaniment  for the Singer-Songwriter in all of us - Almost tonal perfection.


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